Empowering Self-Aware Societies

The evolution of technology, particularly AI, inadvertently weakens societies, stifles creativity, and promotes uniformity. National products now shift to international production, and independence gives way to dependence, impacting the younger generation with a shift from reality to fiction and from activity to laziness. Individualism has overtaken our sense of community, with self-interest prevailing over community interest, favoring short-term gains over long-term sustainability. Nevertheless, at NCT, we embrace technology and AI while ensuring innovation benefits humanity, preserving the power of self-creation and independent thinking.

In response, NCT, with a legacy spanning three generations of partners and entrepreneurs, charts a new course. Our focus shifts towards the local and national, promoting de-globalization and emphasizing smaller communities and local production to foster flourishing areas, wealth, creativity, and independence. With dedication and deep-rooted knowledge, we commit to driving this change step by step.

Our mission at NCT is to cultivate a profoundly self-aware society by fostering autonomy and healthy competition within communities and businesses. We firmly believe in the transformative power of local enterprises, centered on family values that encompass morality and spirituality. Historical examples, like the autonomous regions and prosperous cities of “the seven provinces” in the Netherlands, demonstrate the potential for flourishing economies and thriving businesses in self-governing autonomous areas, united together. Building on these proven examples and in collaboration with our Dutch founding partners, we are determined to reintroduce this thriving approach to other regions, empowering local communities for sustainable progress and success.

To achieve this vision, critical and independent thinking is essential. At NCT, we guide and support younger talent to understand and navigate the current situation. We empower them to rediscover their cultural heritage and forgotten values, benefiting their futures, families, and communities through a focus on education, research, and autonomous thinking.

Wherever we operate, at NCT, we uphold values of respect, family, free thinking, creativity, and entrepreneurship ingrained in our approach, ensuring a strong foundation for progress and success. Together, we shape a brighter and more self-aware future for communities worldwide.

Unleash Your Business Potential in Vietnam,

Collaborative Journey.

Experience a synergistic journey with our integrated sector expertise, fulfilling unique business requirements across diverse sectors in Vietnam. Our bespoke solutions precisely align with your specific needs. Unleash the potential of Vietnam’s dynamic market with our comprehensive suite of consultancy services, encompassing real estate, finance, trade, and technology sectors. Engage in personalized conversations for holistic solutions tailored to meet your industry’s demands. Discover new opportunities with our expert guidance.

Our sectors.

Seize boundless opportunities with NCT.

At NCT, we empower companies in targeted sectors to seize growth opportunities and outperform competitors. Our expert team collaborates closely with stakeholders to deliver effective solutions. With in-depth expertise in addressing Vietnam’s unique challenges, we enable remarkable business achievements across the country. Explore our offerings today to unlock your full potential and engage in a discussion with us. Collaborate with NCT to capture the brightest prospects for your success. Discover how our tailored solutions can elevate your business journey in Vietnam’s dynamic market.

Real Estate.

Our well-established real estate practice serves a diverse clientele in Vietnam. We assist investors, lenders, business owners, and real estate firms in property acquisitions and sales, including warehousing. With thorough market research and precise deal searches, we offer secure and profitable long-term investment opportunities. NCT excels in navigating the real estate landscape, delivering outstanding results tailored to your needs. Embark on a successful real estate journey with us, ensuring informed decisions and achieving success in your property ventures.

SERVICES –  Due Diligence, Property Sales and Acquisitions, Landlord and Tenant representation
SECTOR SPECIAL – Hotel, Resort, Warehousing


Financial Services.

Drawing on years of financial advice and entrepreneurship, we offer robust support for all your financial matters, questions, and needs. Our expertise covers Risk & Resilience, Corporate & Investment banking, M&A, and Retail & SME financing. Whether you seek benchmark support, co-financing opportunities, or strategic advice, we are here to assist you. Unlock growth opportunities, navigate risks, and optimize financial strategies with our comprehensive financial consulting services in Vietnam’s thriving economy.

SERVICES – Financial Planning, Business Financial Consulting, Fundraising, M&A
SECTOR SPECIAL – Hospitality, Manufacturing, Retail, Services, Midsize businesses


Manufacturing & Trade

Certainly, at NCT, our most common practice revolves around leveraging Vietnam’s potential as an attractive investment country, manufacturing hub, and appealing trading destination. Our expertise lies in identifying business opportunities, trade prospects, and B2B setups in this dynamic market. With a keen eye for investment potential and trading profitability, our services cater to producers, manufacturers, and brands seeking expansion in Vietnam.

SERVICES – Market Research, Price Point Research, Competitive Analysis, Market Entry Strategy, Business Expansion Planning, Partnership and Alliance Building, Vendor Selection and Management, Supply Chain Optimization, Export and Import Consulting, Business Process Improvement, Risk Assessment and Mitigation
SECTOR SPECIAL – Applicable to all of our sectors

This practice suitable for conventional consultancy, however for a more flexible solution our Executive roles, as-a-service might be an economical opportunity:

> EXPLORE EXECUTIVE ROLES, offered as a service, for a more flexible and economical solution.

IT & Tech.

Our most distinguished practice within NCT, it empowers investors in Vietnam and Asia to embrace boundless opportunities in this dynamic market. The IT & Technology practice specializes in facilitating seamless tech venture investments and market entry services, enabling local expansion and growth.

Explore Vietnam’s Thriving Tech Landscape: With a strong emphasis on commerce, marketing, tech security, and Vietnamese digital payments, we provide investment opportunities and market entry services in collaboration with our partners, ensuring a successful entry into Vietnam’s thriving tech sector.

SERVICES – Tech Ventures Investment
THEMES – Upon recommendation and available opportunities across Vietnam


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