Empowering Self-Aware Societies

The evolution of technology, particularly AI, inadvertently weakens societies, stifles creativity, and promotes uniformity. National products now shift to international production, and independence gives way to dependence, impacting the younger generation with a shift from reality to fiction and from activity to laziness. Individualism has overtaken our sense of community, with self-interest prevailing over community interest, favoring short-term gains over long-term sustainability. Nevertheless, at NCT, we embrace technology and AI while ensuring innovation benefits humanity, preserving the power of self-creation and independent thinking.

In response, NCT, with a legacy spanning three generations of partners and entrepreneurs, charts a new course. Our focus shifts towards the local and national, promoting de-globalization and emphasizing smaller communities and local production to foster flourishing areas, wealth, creativity, and independence. With dedication and deep-rooted knowledge, we commit to driving this change step by step.

Our mission at NCT is to cultivate a profoundly self-aware society by fostering autonomy and healthy competition within communities and businesses. We firmly believe in the transformative power of local enterprises, centered on family values that encompass morality and spirituality. Historical examples, like the autonomous regions and prosperous cities of “the seven provinces” in the Netherlands, demonstrate the potential for flourishing economies and thriving businesses in self-governing autonomous areas, united together. Building on these proven examples and in collaboration with our Dutch founding partners, we are determined to reintroduce this thriving approach to other regions, empowering local communities for sustainable progress and success.

To achieve this vision, critical and independent thinking is essential. At NCT, we guide and support younger talent to understand and navigate the current situation. We empower them to rediscover their cultural heritage and forgotten values, benefiting their futures, families, and communities through a focus on education, research, and autonomous thinking.

Wherever we operate, at NCT, we uphold values of respect, family, free thinking, creativity, and entrepreneurship ingrained in our approach, ensuring a strong foundation for progress and success. Together, we shape a brighter and more self-aware future for communities worldwide.

Vietnam’s investment horizon offers a tapestry of opportunities, each thread woven into a vibrant economic landscape. As your consultancy partner, we present a comprehensive exploration of key investment themes, each holding immense potential:

Real Estate for Hospitality:

  • Flourishing Tourism: Vietnam’s cultural richness and surging tourism industry create a fertile ground for hospitality investments.
  • Strategic Locations: Pristine coastal areas and urban centers beckon investors to establish hotels, resorts, and unique accommodations.
  • Sustainability Focus: With increasing demand for eco-friendly options, our consultancy guides you in crafting sustainable hospitality ventures.

Trade and Commerce:

  • Trade Leverage: Vietnam’s active role in trade pacts like CPTPP and EVFTA offers investors privileged entry to global markets.
  • Strategic Trade Hub: Utilize Vietnam’s strategic location to position your business as a hub for regional and international trade.
  • Manufacturing Excellence: Vietnam’s competitive labor force and cost advantages fuel manufacturing opportunities in various sectors.


  • Natural Abundance: Vietnam’s diverse climate and fertile land provide an array of agricultural possibilities, from crops to aquaculture.
  • Export Potential: Explore the expanding global demand for Vietnamese agricultural products, including coffee, seafood, and fruits.
  • Sustainable Farming: Our consultancy aids in adopting sustainable practices, harmonizing profitability with environmental stewardship.

Infrastructure: Water Cleaning and Filter Systems:

  • Essential Infrastructure: Vietnam’s growing urbanization demands efficient water treatment and filtration systems.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Investment in advanced water cleaning technologies aligns with Vietnam’s commitment to sustainable development.
  • Market Growth: Capitalize on the increasing need for clean water solutions in industries, municipalities, and residential areas.


Vietnam’s investment canvas spans across real estate, trade, commerce, agriculture, and infrastructure. As your dedicated consultancy ally, we adeptly navigate the intricate landscape, unveiling concealed potential and crafting tailored strategies for each theme. With meticulous analysis and expert guidance, we empower investors to make informed choices, unravel the full spectrum of Vietnam’s investment prospects, and embark on a journey towards prosperous outcomes in this evolving economic tapestry.