Setting strategy
In a changing environment

Credo – The global economy is changing rapidly. We look ahead and prepare for the future. At the same time, NCT is a responsible and reliable business partner.

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An increasingly intertwined global economy, a reversal in final consumers’ demand behavior, country specific risks and intensified consolidation of the market players characterize the current market situation.

NCT’s approach for Strategy Development and Implementation – supports your business and operations to react on these growing challenges within the competitive environment. NCT provides a focus on your company Strategy and organizational structure, with the aim of long-term and profitable growth.

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Insights: Business Function – Strategy
In this report we take a deeper look at challenges and opportunities. What are the leading practices and critical success factors that deliver tangible business results? .

Our Business functions

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Our Business Functions insights: Manage Change together with NCT to achieve high Performance. Learn about our abilities to support complex, transformational change in your organization.

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NCT approach

  • Comprehensive analysis to identify result and performance gaps compared to the competitors (benchmarking)
  • Illustrating future potentials for your company and of the future
  • Holistic business model analysis
  • Developing a clear and unique strategic positioning
  • Developing unconventional strategic options and new business models with high growth potential
  • Building on the requirements set out by the Strategy, optimizing the organizational structure
  • Developing a financial target system and supplementary qualitative targets as a basis for future company control


  • Comprehensive competence of NCT in the field of Strategy Development and Implementation
  • NCT has diverse project experience
  • Understanding of different and regional peculiarities and exact knowledge of the respective sectors and markets
  • Tailor made solutions for specific problems due to close proximity to the client
  • Close cooperation between the clients’ managers, employees and NCT
  • Support of the projects by NCT team up to successful implementation

Interim & Crisis Management

NCT’s  Interim and Crisis Management roles support and guide companies through periods of distress or change. Companies that are underperforming, in any situation with challenged divisions may need additional experienced change management support to improve operational or financial performance.

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Seeing the future clearly and developing a proactive response is a key source of competitive advantage in a fast-evolving market

Winning strategies, NCT helps its clients make bold moves to beat the odds and build enduring value