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NCT helps Private Equity firms make better investment decisions at every stage of the deal life cycle and build greater returns through active management of portfolio companies. We also advise on investment firm strategy and development, creating value through Performance Improvement.


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People make our business inspiring, therefor NCT is constantly searching for professional excellence across our field of expertise. Students, consultants and experienced professionals can connect with us via our career page.

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Rethinking the Industry Sectors

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Our Industry Sector insights: Learn more about the latest innovations in your industry. Our Industry Sector reports provide sector insights, researches, interviews, insightful management reporting, market practices and much more.

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Our Business Functions insights: Manage Change together with NCT to achieve high Performance. Learn about our abilities to support complex, transformational change in your organization.

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NCT service the private equity industry

Our work is driven by the collaboration of partners, advisors and specialists with a deep understanding of private equity and the intricacies of the investment lifecycle. With specialist from within the industry working across multiple offices in Moscow and Zurich and, our scale and scope bring unparalleled insights across industries, geographies and functional areas, allowing us to offer a fundamentally different approach to Private Equity consulting.

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Private Equity behind the scene: Optimus and NCT’s holistic Private Equity Report 2016 offers a comprehensive view of the challenges that Private Equity investors face following a decade of volatility and change, as well as what it will take to succeed in 2016. Optimus and NCT’s holistic Private Equity Report outlines key takeaways from the past years and examines what investors can do to create value across their portfolios throughout 2016.

Better investment decisions

NCT helps Private Equity firms create greater returns at every stage in the investment cycle and strengthen firm strategy and development.

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Market outlook Internet of Things: Executives across our Industry Sectors know they need to understand where the Internet of Things will affect their industry, where value comes from in their industry, where their companies can enter and play, and what capabilities they need to win. Optimus and NCT’s holistic Market Outlook outlines key takeaways from the past years and examines what executives can do to create value across their industries.

What we do

Investment screening. NCT’s work with clients in pre-diligence investment screening is varied and tailored to their specific needs. NCT helps identify and qualify investment opportunities by leveraging a systematic process to screen and reveal potential targets and provide proactive, investable insights and thematic ideas. We also offer in-depth, customized workshops and access to proprietary research and data.

Due diligence. Our approach to due diligence is flexible and analytics-driven, incorporating extensive proprietary knowledge and deep industry experience. NCT helps clients evaluate the outlook and opportunities with investment targets across our sectors, drawing on the knowledge of our specialists and partners, each with specific business expertise. Our flexible model allows for a wide range of potential configurations, from targeted analysis to fully-integrated due diligence.

Portfolio development. NCT help clients develop and execute aggressive, targeted plans of action for the first 100 days post-closing to capture near-term opportunities and ensure the success of their investment. Beyond the first 100 days, our support is focused on near-medium term improvement models, developed with an exit strategy in mind and aimed at transforming the functional performance of portfolio companies in high-impact areas. Portfolio projects are customized, with scale and timing driven by client need. Our services range from rapid assessments of portfolio company business functions to comprehensive turnaround of performance, redesigning processes, operations and products from the ground up.

Exit support. NCT helps company owners to prepare for a maximum-value exit using a three-phase support model that covers planning, preparation and execution for auctions and initial public offerings. NCT works with clients to develop and communicate clear and coherent business plans and offer seven core support modules, including sell-side documentation for bidders and financers. NCT brings an informed view of industry-shaping trends, a clear line of sight on key risks and how they might affect the business and deep understanding of the buyer landscape and preferred exit route.

Firm strategy and development. Combining our insights on macroeconomic trends with our research on market trends, NCT help clients make strategic choices to increase fund and firm performance, including how to establish competitive positioning, how to adapt investment processes, how to settle on an investment strategy and how to evolve their governance structure. NCT provide also support for operational improvement, including risk management and business support functions.

Recovery and Transformation Services. For especially challenging cases, including distressed companies and underperforming business units, NCT call on the expertise of Performance Improvement & Turnaround Management services. These services are exclusively focused on radical and sustained Performance Improvement within our industries and high impact turnarounds with a focus on generating value.

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