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NCT is here to help executives solve their most important technology challenges, from critical applications and business processes to the entire infrastructure.


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People make our business inspiring, therefor NCT is constantly searching for professional excellence across our field of expertise. Students, consultants and experienced professionals can connect with us via our career page.

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Insights: NCT’s Business Functions
In these reports we take a much deeper look at challenges and opportunities. What are the leading practices and critical success factors that deliver tangible business results?

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Technology has always been a complex and diverse field, shaped by disruptive IT advancements, intense competition and continuous innovation cycles. As users explore different digital product types, formats and combinations, their maturing expectations regarding software applications are only deepening the complexity of the technology landscape. At the same time, the Consumer industry represents one of the most dynamic markets, almost constantly shaped by digital technological advances. The changes to customer-facing structures brought on by omni-channel commerce, big data, and the mobile shopping experience have led to an overall business transformation.

Supply Chain, Technology and Retail companies must invest in high-performing product development and release strategies. They need to shift their focus to improving user experience and ensure their offering aligns to the demands of the digital consumer.

Rethinking: Innovation in Technology
NCT’s Industry Innovation Survey 2016: Industrial insights on progress and perspectives, executive interviews and much more.

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Interim & Crisis Management

NCT’s  Interim and Crisis Management roles support and guide companies through periods of distress or change. Companies that are underperforming, in any situation with challenged divisions may need additional experienced change management support to improve operational or financial performance.

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NCT enables businesses to capitalize on the advantages of the digitalization trend that meets the evolving needs of the modern enterprise.

In this regard, we work with

  • Retail Offline & Online
  • Technology companies
  • Technology & High-tech start-ups
  • Logistics companies
  • Transportation companies

Rethinking the Industry Sectors

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Our Industry Sector insights: Learn more about the latest innovations in your industry. Our Industry Sector reports provide sector insights, researches, interviews, insightful management reporting, market practices and much more.

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Focus Segments

NCT has extensive experience in the fields of strategy, organization and controlling, both in Russia and Europe.
We combine deep analyses and creative approaches to find new solutions for the central questions of the sector, including investment, growth and market entry strategies, increasing value in target markets both offline and online.

We help our clients pioneer next-generation solutions, while reducing cost and minimizing effort for product launches.


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