Rapid & Dramatic
Performance Improvement

We help organizations seeking to go from good to great, as well as in deep distress and facing insolvency. NCT provide rapid and dramatic Performance Improvement and also provides a full service to implement the change.

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Performance Improvement

Business potentials can be translated into added value and operational excellence through consistent Strategy Implementation. In Strategy Implementation, NCT support with a tailor-made Performance Improvement solution.

Focus on three main goals

  • Financial quantification of strategic objectives
  • Linking market-related, financial planning and control systems
  • Establishing a strategy orientation and set focus on execution the strategy

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Insights: Business Function – Performance Improvement
In this report we take a deeper look at challenges and opportunities. What are the leading practices and critical success factors that deliver tangible business results?

Interim & Crisis Management

NCT’s  Interim and Crisis Management roles support and guide companies through periods of distress or change. Companies that are underperforming, in any situation with challenged divisions may need additional experienced change management support to improve operational or financial performance.

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Our Business functions

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Our Business Functions insights: Manage Change together with NCT to achieve high Performance. Learn about our abilities to support complex, transformational change in your organization.

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NCT approach

  • Defining an integrated strategic and financial target system
  • Identifying performance gaps and analyzing them systematically
  • Systematic identification, evaluation & control of strategy-induced result volatilities (risk and opportunity potentials)
  • Formulating, selecting, prioritizing projects, measure portfolios and establishing implementation monitoring systems
  • Operationalizing strategies (starting point for deriving operational budgets)
  • Implementing a reporting system to support decisions in strategy implementation
  • Implementing a reporting system to support decisions in strategy implementation
  • In addition to the individual elements of performance improvement, NCT put special emphasis on their fit with success-critical conditions such as setting incentives aligned with objectives, continuous management processes and a strategy-compliant organizational design

Your benefit

  • Specifying the strategy by translating it into coordinated strategic and financial objectives (target system)
  • Systematically identifying performance gaps, their causes and possible counter measures (path to target performance)
  • Commitment to strategies and achieving long-term objectives
  • Efficient inclusion of the top management (the big picture)
  • Flexibility in providing strategic planning variants
  • Increased transparency in the business model and its translation into quantifiable value and cost drivers
  • Better understanding of the central volatility drivers through comprehensive risk and opportunity transparency
  • Continuous strategy orientation in planning and control systems
  • Designing incentives aligned with objectives in order to implement the strategy
  • Efficient, prompt and recipient oriented reporting on the strategy’s implementation status
  • Consistent and stringent planning logic to translate the strategy into operational budgets
  • Efficient management processes as a basis for consistent strategy implementation

Performance Improvement Services brings expert corporate-restructuring practitioners together with industry and functional experts

Commitment to teaming and collaboration, a partnership mindset that result in increased value over the long term