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Depending on your needs, our Interim Managers replace, supplement or coach your managers on a short- or long-term basis. Our Interim Managers have extensive practical experience across a broad range of our Business Functions and Industry Sectors.

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Interim & Crisis Management

NCT’s Interim and Crisis Management roles support and guide companies through periods of distress or change. Companies that are underperforming or are in a situation with challenged divisions may need additional experienced change management support to improve operational or financial performance.

NCT provides critical advice or step into senior and key management positions such as Chief Restructuring Officer, Chief Financial Officer, or Chief Executive Officer to provide crucial stability and guidance to clients, customers, vendors, creditors, investors and employees.

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Insights: Business Function – Interim Management
In this report we take a deeper look at challenges and opportunities. What are the leading practices and critical success factors that deliver tangible business results?.

Full support

Our Interim Management capabilities add valuable support to the full Turnaround process, simultaneously providing key leadership vacancies and shortening the lead-time for implementing specific Turnaround initiatives. NCT provides hands on leadership and speed to execute Turnaround and restructuring plans.

NCT approach

  • Immediate staffing of critical senior management positions
  • Managing communications processes with Board members, management, creditors, investors and employees
  • Bankruptcy process planning and administration (if required)


  • Reducing lead-time for implementing Turnaround initiatives
  • Mitigating negative effects on employees

Our Business functions

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Our Business Functions insights: Manage Change together with NCT to achieve high Performance. Learn about our abilities to support complex, transformational change in your organization.

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